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Frontier Airlines Launches FRONTIER Miles Elite Status Offers for 2024 

Frequent Traveller Must-Have of the Year! 

Purchase FRONTIER Miles Elite 20K status, bundle with the GoWild! All-You-Can-Fly Pass™, or complete a status match to secure 2024 FRONTIER Miles Elite status

DENVER – September 14, 2023 – Frontier Airlines (NASDAQ: ULCC) is excited to launch multiple offers for consumers to secure FRONTIER Miles Elite status through the end of 2024. 

Starting today, eligible credit card holders can receive FRONTIER Miles Elite 20K status without being required to fly or hold status with another airline. They can also select to bundle this with the GoWild! All-You-Can-Fly Fall & Winter Pass. Once an eligible card has been verified on, a member can then either buy Elite 20K status for $499 or choose to bundle it with the GoWild! All-You-Can-Fly Fall & Winter Pass for $649.  The GoWild Fall & Winter Pass is valid until February 29, 2024 and the FRONTIER Miles Elite 20K status is valid until the end of 2024. 

By combining FRONTIER Miles Elite Status with the GoWild! All-You-Can-Fly Pass, consumers can enjoy an unlimited number of flights to a wide range of domestic and international destinations served by Frontier, along with booking perks and the ability to use their Elite status for free bags and seat assignments. Terms and conditions apply to the GoWild! All-You-Can-Fly Pass. Click here for additional information. 

Frontier has today also launched a status match with 15 airlines, 15 hotels and, in an industry first, 15 cruise lines.  Eligible status holders from any of the airlines, hotels or cruise lines listed can apply for equivalent status and pay the application fee at frontierstatusmatch.comElite 20K, Elite 50K, Elite 100K status levels are available for purchase for eligible customers.The full list of elite status benefits is available here.

“The combination of elite status benefits and the GoWild! Pass makes the ideal asset for the frequent traveller. Whether your scheduled flight is cancelled, or your meeting ends early, save that other airline credit and grab a last- minute flight with the GoWild! Pass,” said Tyri Squyres, Vice President of Marketing, Frontier Airlines. “These elite status offers are a fantastic opportunity for consumers to enjoy all the benefits of FRONTIER Miles elite status all the way through 2024.”

Frontier’s travel technology partner in delivering this exclusive offer, Loyalty Status Co. CEO Mark Ross-Smith, added, “We continue to innovate with Frontier and are proud to support the offer to the millions of consumers who are looking to upgrade their travel experience.”

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